Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Every business has different types of carpet and flooring installed in their office premises and in many cases multiple varieties in each building. At Golden Cleaners, we assess each floor covering to ensure we provide the best solutions for an effective clean whilst complying to warranties and the recommended product details.

We have our own dedicated team of carpet cleaning operatives, as well as, subcontractors who have been approved by the leading office carpet / tile manufacturers including Interface.

Being an certified company and committed to reducing our impact on the environment, we also offer clients an environmental and Eco-friendly alternative to our cleaning products. Method statements are completed for every product and treatment to ensure only the recommended and appropriate cleaning systems are applied to your carpets.

The carpet cleaning systems we provide include:

  • Carpet shampooing and hot water extraction method/steam cleaning with an industrial machine cleaner
  • Manual cleaning for spot stain removal and hard to reach areas of the floor
  • Rotowash low moisture cleaning and bonnet buffing for carpet tiles
  • Carpet protection product applications
  • Spot stain removal, including chewing gum, tar, liquid spills and scuffs – we apply a variety of specialist cleaning techniques for heavily soiled areas of carpet and stains, including traffic cleaner, coffee breaker, freeze spray and softener spray.

The frequency of carpet and carpet tile cleaning will depend on manufacturer recommendations, as well as, how heavily the carpet is used. Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning will help maintain the appearance and longevity of your office carpets. For high traffic walkways, carpet cleaning should be carried out every 4 weeks and premises should have a full carpet clean at least twice a year.

Due to drying times, carpet cleaning is often carried out at the end of the working week to allow for the carpets to fully dry-out before they are used again, especially for thick pile carpets and heavily stained floors where repeat treatments have been necessary. Bonnet buffing techniques require a shorter drying time, as little as three hours.

To include office carpet cleaning in your existing Golden Cleaners Office Cleaning Services, please contact your Account Manager.

To move your contract cleaning service to us, simply call one of our friendly members of the team to discuss your individual requirements. We provide completely free and no obligation cleaning quotations for offices in Hull and East Yorkshire.


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